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Unlimited Hosting - The Truth

Well the truth is ...

There's no such thing as Unlimited Hosting.

Sorry to disappoint but you need to understand web domain and hosting industry better.

(Wait... don't click that link to MIT page. It isn't that useful - just putting it there to make this page looks cool.)

Okay... back to our subject.

Nothing is unlimited in this world. Not even our almighty sun.

Truth is... hosting companies are in business to make money.

Unlimited hosting is ALWAYS limited by (if not hosting companies' policy) server hardware and human resources constraints.

No one can supply unlimited CPU processor, RAM, and cooper cables to run your very awesome sites.

Want to know why the term "Unlimited Hosting" became an industry norms, read The Truth about Unlimited Hosting.

So you are not offering unlimited hosting on this site?


Interesting that to see so many of you think this is real.

But I need a cheap hosting service to host multiple sites...

Most hosting companies allow their customers to host unlimited domains/sites in one account today as long as they are not exhausting theserver resources. So if you are looking to host multiple low traffic, static sites - shared hosting plans will do.

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