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What we offer

One hosting plan to solve all your hosting needs. Great value web hosting including unlimited domains, MySQL databases, web space and traffic. Fast and reliable with US-based support and a choice of cPanel or Plesk. We even include a free .uk, .co.jp, or .com domain or transfer - what's not to like?

Host unlimited domains with us today!

Addon Social Media Features

Account Analytics

Track the performance of any Instagram account. Measure growth in number of followers. Get demographical data about them. Analyze engagement with Likes and Comments, and find what the best performing posts are.

Competitors Tracking

Keep track of your competitors and their activity on Instagram. Know their growth by geography, and benchmark your own content’s performance against theirs.

Real Time Metrics

See any social media posts’ engagement evolve in real time, as it happens on Instagram. Analyze the impact of a post on an account’s followers.

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Wait a minute... this sounds too good to be true, isn't? Well truth is there's no such thing as unlimited hosting. And we are certainly not offering advance social media features on top of our super-amazing hosting deals. If you wonder what makes us to create this site, read here.

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