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Fastest Lines

With OC-12 Smart Ring to five backbone providers, our network is hard to beat. Unlimited-Hosting.net provides the unique ability for your data to travel over the optimal path to reach its destination. This is done through utilizing direct connections to multiple providers. Listed below are the current maps for some of the providers we use:


Multiple backbones, redundant network engineering, hurricane grade construction, top-notch equipment, etc., lead to rock solid network.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24 x 7 monitoring of our servers, our network status and our connectivity to upstream backbone providers. Our NOC technicians identify potential issues and provide resolution before any problems occur. Both our Servers and our multiple backbone connections are monitored around the clock. With ready access to servers from the monitor room "NOC," support and administration personnel continually monitor the systems.

Redundant backbone connections with different backbone providers ensure high level of network connectivity (over 99.99%), while UPS, emergency generators, an inventory of drives, memory chips and other hardware components allows us to get Servers running quickly in case of hardware failures. Our Technical Support Staff includes Unix and Linux administrators, hardware experts, network engineers, programmers, Linux gurus and applications specialists.


Network Security Skilled experts, resistant routing, high-bandwidth network and preemptive policies shield servers from intruders and attacks. We take every measure to assure the uninterrupted operation of all servers and other components of our network, including physical security, equipment redundancy and constant monitoring.

Network's security is a crucial element to the quality of service we provide. We strive to protect our network and assure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the servers and their data. Redundant Cisco 7513 Routers, capable of routing up to 4.2 Gigabits of total traffic, Multiple DS-3 lines connecting us with five different Tier-1 providers, use of a Sonet ring network architecture, Fully switched network to prevent the packet sniffing of TCP connections, Resistant routing to hold network attacks at bay by configuration, Tracking systems to trace malicious acts (attacks, spamming) to their sources, etc., is what sets us apart from the competition.