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About the original owner of Unlimited-Hosting.net

The original owner of this domain belongs to a company named Sampson Multimedia with following details. Please do not contact us using the expired info below. You will not get a reply from us.

Our Offices:

Our main office is located in Mexico City (see below for mailing address). Our servers are all located in our data center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Our data center has multiple connections to all the major North American backbones and backup generator power. Server downtime will not be a problem with Unlimited-Hosting.net.

Our address is:

Av. Universidad 1923 D-902
Col. Chimalistac CP04360
Mexico City, D.F.

Voice: (+525) 663-0063
Fax: (+525) 661-0313

Our Staff:

Our Technical Support Staff includes Unix and Linux administrators, hardware experts, network engineers, programmers, Linux gurus and applications specialists. We are usually available by email or phone Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm Central Time, but we often check our email after hours and during the weekend. Our servers are constantly being monitored to ensure that they are running properly and their connection to the internet is being maintained. If a server goes down or loses its connection we are paged immediately and we should usually be working on a solution before you are even aware of it. The reason we do not offer 24/7 support is because it is really not necessary for the type of sites we host, and the quality of our monitoring systems. In general our customers find that our support is much better than most large web hosting companies since we can usually answer your question right away instead of putting you on hold or trying to find the person who has the answer. Many of our customers like the option of taking care of things on their own using their site's control panel.

The New Owner of Unlimited Hosting

You can learn more about us here. We acquired the domain in 2016 in hope to raise people awareness towards the term "unlimited hosting".

Visit us at our primary site - Web Hosting Secret Revealed - for free web hosting guide and unbiased hosting reviews.